How to Reset Service Light Toyota Dyna

How to erase "Oil Change" light

Toyota Dyna How to erase "Oil Change" light Service Light Reset
Remove rubber cover from instrument panel ("B" position in the image).
Switch ignition ON.
Using a suitable object, press and hold button "B" for 1 second.
Warning lamp will extinguish "A".
Switch ignition OFF.

How to erase Timing Belt light

With ignition off, press and hold odometer button (marked "C" in the picture)
With the button still pressed, turn ignition ON, and keep the button pressed 5 seconds.
Release the odometer button, and the press the odometer button again one time and release it.
In the display will appear "15".
Press the odometer button again for at least 5 seconds, and the release it.
Switch ignition off.
Turn on the engine, the "T belt" light should now be erased.
The information in this tutorial is valid for the following Toyota Dyna years / versions: